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Bad ass brunettes, Kali & Tori star in this new competitive wrestling video! Both girls want to win as they tear into each other! Foot smothers, leg scissors, sleeper holds, judo, jujitsu, grappling & MMA are all used in this match! Both girls force the other girl to tap out in the match, but each round ends in an awesome knock out & hot victory poses! 15 Min
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Nerd girl Paisley is at the feet of the most popular girl in school, Tori and her big bratty feet! Paisley cant escape and Tori wont let her go until she worships, licks, sniff and bobs on her big size 10 wide bitchy feet! Poor Paisley is crying and whining all while Toru taunts, humiliates and dominates her little nerdy foot slut the entire time! 8 Min.
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So you want to have your way with Bella's sexy body? Juicy ass and big round tits? Well, you can have it all...if you can beat her in a boxing match? That's right, beat Bella and she'll let you do whatever you want to her sexy body, but lose and shes going to kick your ass and count you out as she poses all over your pathetic, loser face and broken body! Each time she knows you down, she taunts you and dominates you at her feet where you belong! So, are you up for the challenge? 9 Min
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Staring Super Star Xanthi. Super Hot best 2 out of 3 Foot Fighting KOs wrestling match as Tori takes on the green haired bad girl, Xanthi where the loser of each round will have victorious feet in her face! Packed with foot fighting, scissors, kicks, slaps, sleeper holds and much more. Both girls get in their shots but only one girl will pose over the losers foot smothered face. 10 Min
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School girls, Lela and Bella are studying when Bella finds out that Lela is messing around with her man! Bella is pissed off and forces Lela to suck and gag on her very long toes. Poor Lela gags over and over again as she is forced to take Bella's long toes down her throat until Bella has had enough and decides to shut Lela with a long soled foot smother. 11 Min
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You were stupid enough to make a big bet with black belt babe, Tori. You best her a ton of money of she can DeFeet you and if you win, you get whatever you want, anything you want! But thats not going to happen because Tori is going to destroy you, force you to worship her feet and then her lethal feet are going to kick, crack and crush you until you are KOd, done, and finished under her big size 10 victorious feet! In the Bonus clip, Tori taunts and teases you while she wamrs up and them smashes you with her powerful karate feet! 10 Min
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Foot-Jitsu Fighters, Dragonlily and Cheyenne go 3 karate foot fighting rounds to see who will win the best 2 out of 3 Foot-Jitsu match. Both girls want to win and their moves are awesome as the girl mash and smash each others faces with their feet until there is a winner at the end of each round and finally the match when the losers face is stepped on in total victory. 20 Min
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Tori is use to making foot sluts worship her big feet but this time her long time rival, Bella, has full control of Tori's mouth as she orders her foot slut to sniff, lick and suck her big bad feet! Tori has no choice as she worships her rivals big smelly, sweaty feet and extra long toes! Poor Tori isn't happy but too bad so sad, Bella is the one in charge! 9 Min

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Its the day after you were dominated and humiliated by Xanthi's powerful karate feet! You walk into class and shes waiting for you to humiliate you some more. She taunts you, makes fun of you and humiliates you by laughing at your new white belt then talking about how tiny your dick was when she fought you and DeFeeted you without mercy and with her hot, sweaty, karate feet! 8 Min

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Dita is totally dominated, humiliated and destroyed by her arch rival, Bella! The fighting machine doesn't stop until her smaller opponent has had her face, body, breasts, belly and kitty crushed, smashed and trashed by her raw power! Bella uses scissors, belly punches, foot smothers, kitty claws, foot chokes, kitty punches and an ultra hot dragon sleeper that finishes Dita once and for all under Bella's mighty foot! 12 Min

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