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Sexy Orias has been captured! She now lays in bed waiting for the jerk that took her from her house! He walks in, threatens the tiny girl and orders her to shut up or else! But Orias is not going to let this creep get away with it, she's going to take action! Her feet are lethal weapons and once she takes him down and forces him to submit, she humiliates him with her big feet, toes and soles! 15 Min

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Black Belt Bitch, Bella's big feet smash and stomp into her opponent, Olivia's face over and over again until she has been defeeted! Now it's time for the loser to sniff, suck and lick the winner's big black belt feet! Suck her toes! Smell her dojo sweat and lick the stink from her big soles! Bella is merciless and Olivia can only obey her karate mistress before she finished off under Bella's big black belt feet! 9 Min

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You think you can beat Nova? LOL, your such a fucking loser and you dont stand a chance against Nova's hard hitting black belt feet! You laughs, taunts and DeFeets you with her hot, sexy and sweaty feet! You're such a fucking loser, you are going to be humiliated and dominated in front of everyone and Nova doesn't give a fuck! You're a pathetic man and Nova doesn't hold back, its over loser, be prepared to be smashed into the loser you are under Nova's hot karate feet! 10 Min

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There is nothing more humiliating for a black belt in karate than to be DeFeeted by a young pink belt. Caroline is that black belt who dominated and humiliated by young pink belt Bunny. This match is all about domination as Bunny chops, kicks and stomps poor Caroline into the mat with her tiny feet. Caroline begs, cries and asks for mercy but the pink belt only taunts her and laughs in her face while DeFeeting the pathetic black belt till Bunny finishes her under her soft tiny pink belt feet. 10Min

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Mean Mistress Bella uses Marsha's little mouth for her big feet to be worshiped. Mini Marsha can only do what her Mistress demands and Bitchy Bella demands a lot! Smelling her big feet, gagging on her long toes and sucking her dominant heels and soles until she is bored of her worthless foot slut and smothers her out under her big soles! 10 Min

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Black Belt Brat, Bambi, Stars in her first kick ass karate clip and shes one mean, bitchy, black belt brat! She taunts, teases and tells you what to do as she kicks your ass with her highly trained but very bratty feet! Kick after kick smashes into your face as she orders you to sniff on her toes, lick her dirty soles, polish her toe rings with your tongue and calls you a loser while slapping your face with her dominant karate feet! At the end, shes bored with you and finishes you under her stomping soles with loud kiyas! 12:30 Min

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Super Star Foot Fighters, Orias vs Lela in this action packed, foot fight to the finish! The girls go toe to toe in a 3 round Foot Fight. Each round is different, but the results are the same. The loser gets kicked, crushed, smothered and much more by the winners superior feet. At the end there is a final round where the loser must worship the winners dominant toes and soles. 24 Min

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Tori has her pathetic foot slut Paisley exactly where she wants her and she's going to pay for being such a weak and useless foot slut. Tori makes her lick her dirty flops, sniff between her toes, lick her big size 10 soles and suck her toes like the slut she is. Tori doesn't hold back while she looks down and taunts the slut by calling her names, making her do things and crying like the little cry baby bitch she is. 9 Min

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White belt losers like you don't deserve to be under the big black belt feet of Tori, the Karate Dominatrix. She is about to crush, smash and trash you with her karate power! Her board breaking chops and her big size 10 face crushing feet! She is going to kick you and plant her sole right on your face so you can smell her dojo sweat! Lick the dojo dust from her soles and feel the heat of her highly trained black belt toes, soles and feet...until she is bored of you. That's when you get the thumbs down and your life is about to be finished under her KIYAAA Foot! 9 Min

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Pathetic wrestler, Paisley, doesn't stand a chance against her mean teen opponent, Marsha, but she tries anyways and soon finds out that she is so weak compared to Marsha's strength that she instantly loses and cant fight back while Marsha foot smothers her out! She then humiliates her even more by taunting her and making her worship her feet and kiss her muscles for being such a weak loser before being knocked out again! 7 Min

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How dare you break into Tori's house and attack her in bed? You are going to pay for this and you will not escape! You messed with the wrong girl, the girl that knows karate and has trained her feet for a day just like this, a day to smash her attack and made sure you are completely done! 7 Min

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